The Die is cast

single channel video
11 min 34 sec

The die is cast is a work that reflects on issues of identity from a perspective of potentiality and actualization.
By blindly engraving on seven white dices the 42 elements that characterize identity according to international standards and including gender, age, social and political status, religion and geographic origin, I address the component of irrationality in defining one’s identity, knowing that identity is a highly abused concept in the context of political and cultural inclusion, and exclusion.
The video The die is cast (2016) shows a series of hands, each one defined in its uniqueness, pictured in the act of throwing the identity dices. The repetition of the action and the differentiation in the physical nature of the portrayed hands, besides the contradiction that might be generated by the contrast between the elements that one could deduce through a simple observation of the individual physical characters and the outcome of the throwing, activates a reflection about the different components in one’s identity and an interrogation about the inter-exchangeable nature of human destinies