Undoing Memory

single channel video
3 min

In the Undoing series I use soap and water as a material, filming the process of alteration of the initial soaps into delavated objects witnesses a change in status, an evolution and certainly an alteration of consistence.
The dissolving of “Memory” refers to its impermanence, to the constant shifts and transformations in both the individual and collective narration. The shrinking of the soaps symbolises the disappearance of tangence, the redefinition of spaces, the reshaping of narratives.
”Memory\" is constantly moving, submitted to a continuous process of redefinition, with multiple stratifications and layering.
Soap dissolution into water symbolises the transformation, the change in perception, the altered consistency of our self reference to the past, in the perspective of always renewed futures, through time.
\"Memory\" dissolves, gets dispersed, gaps are produced in the sequence of thought, in the circular repetition of the continuous revisiting of our past biography and history